A couple of years ago, I was at my friend Calum's house, editing the latest UTS Art and Music Night video. As is our nature, we started talking about computer hardware. I asked him about a neat little notebook I had seen him use before a few years ago. A few minutes later I had an original NEC Ultralite in my lap. The machine seemed so neat that I ended up trading a 1GB SCSI hard drive for it (at the time I didn't have a SCSI system, and I was also young and naive).

I joined what little remained of the Ultralite community (which was mainly a mailing list) and set about learning what the little bugger could do. My Ultralite took me on a time warp back to the days when DOS ruled the earth, and mighty dinosaurs roamed. Despite its nonexistant battery life, I still took it on a trip to Thunder Bay, plugging it in when I could to write down my thoughts.

The year after I got the Ultralite I also availed myself of another piece of Calum's hardware, an Apple Newton Messagepad 130. I picked up the 130 very quickly as a note-taking tool, and the Ultralite was used only occasionally.