Ethernet Information

Bet you didn't know that your Newt can do ethernet, did ya? Well, that's why I'm here to tell you everything you need to know about your Newton and its ethernet capabilities.


Need detailed instructions on getting your Newton setup for ethernet? Get 'em here!

Driver Downloads

Here are links to all the known Newton Ethernet drivers. If you find more, please let me know where to find them!


  1. What Newtons can use Ethernet cards, and what is required?
  2. What Ethernet cards can be used with the Newton? The following drivers were written by Hirochi Noguchi:
  3. I have this card, and I'm not sure if it works. How can I tell?
  4. I have a Farallon PN595a. Why doesn't the Farallon driver work with this card?
  5. I have a Lucent WaveLAN / Apple AirPort / Other 802.11 compliant card and I was wondering if...
  6. I have a 3Com combo card / 10/100Mbps card / CardBus card / other card that's not listed here and I want to know if it'll work with my Newton.
  7. I've got this unsupported card. Can you write me a driver?
  8. I've got a Mac and I'm trying to connect my Newton to NCU via Ethertalk but my Newton can't find my computer!
  9. I tried to download the XYZ driver and I think the file is corrupted / the file won't install / a plague of locusts has infested the file
  10. Hey! You didn't answer my question! I need more info!


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