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Reason #337 to love the Prius

Prius owners wave to each other when they pass.

Write something, or I’ll shoot!

OK! OK! Geez. No need to get violent you know. Things that have happened in the past nine days, in chronological order: 1) We found Ellie a great pre-school for when Sandy goes back to work, at a Montessori school. It only sounds expensive… it’s actually quite comparable to daycare or home care and without […]

How to take apart / repair a Sony Ericsson T310

I had to scour the ‘net for days to find this so here it is: 1) Remove the battery cover, battery, and SIM card. 2) There’s a small black rectangular plastic piece on the back of the phone – this covers the antenna. It has two clips which hold it onto the main case. The […]

Hall of shame #2: Adobe

I am running the Adobe Creative Suite 3 installation utility on Windows XP. It is consuming 180MB of memory. For the setup utility. Software like this makes me want to cry.

Online system hall of shame – first of a series

The first entry of what I hope will be a series of entries about online systems that don’t act like they’re supposed to be online. My first victim is City of Oshawa Leisure On-Line. Signing up for recreation classes on-line seems like a no-brainer: avoid lineups, busy phone lines, and find what you want easily. […]

Fixing the hole in my wallet, I mean, gas tank

As gasoline prices have been going up, I have been thinking more and more about saving as much of it as possible. I already take the GO Train to and from work on a daily basis, but Sandy commutes with the car to whatever school she’s at, and we drive on the weekends to do […]

Nothing like a dead rat in the morning

On my walk from Union Station to work this morning, there was a quite dead rat right in the middle of the sidewalk on the north side of Front St, directly in front of Biff’s. It was a big sucker, too. I would have taken a photo for Critter Death Mask but my camera was […]


If you’re thinking of going to teacher’s college in Ontario, and you want to work when you graduate, I’d suggest you find another profession. There are no teaching jobs in Ontario to speak of. Don’t listen to what your professors will tell you: they are lying. The job market is so ridiculous that in boards […]

Berczy Park – Soapy Fountain 2

Berczy Park – Soapy Fountain 2, originally uploaded by chuma_. I guess Toronto Parks had to put some soap in the fountain in Berczy Park in order to clean it out. Either that or some homeless wanted to have a bath. The rings of soapy bubbles looked really cool though.

qc-usb driver on Fedora Core 5 or 6 FC5 FC6

Blah. Been trying to get the (qc-usb QuickCam driver)[] built all morning but it was failing. Guess why? The homepage does not link to the latest version of the driver – it links to 0.6.5 but for kernel versions 2.6.19 and 2.6.20 you need 0.6.6 – which you can currently only see on the ([full […]