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Movie roundup

We’ve been slowly catching up on some outstanding movie watching. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – A pretty funny, quite quirky Hollywood murder-mystery. Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer take turns trying to steal the show from each other. They’re both quite excellent in this flick, which kept me laughing throughout. Everything is Illuminated – 10 […]

Movies Watched: The Transporter 2 — I’m so glad I sat down expecting absolutely nothing from this movie, because all I got was a 90 minute gunfight and car chase. Wheee! Lots of comments along the lines of “geez, is she ever going to put some clothes on?” abounded. They actually put pants on the […]

OMG I finally found this again!

A looooong time ago I was browsing the IMDB randomly and came across an entry for a director – except it wasn’t a director, but rather a pseudonym that was used when a film had been hacked by the producer/studio/whoever so badly that the director refused to be credited for the final product. However, I […]

Go Team America!

Been busy. Just remembered that I have a website. Sandy and I have been watching Alias on DVD. We’re hooked. It’s an excellent excellent show. We’re almost done watching season 1 and I don’t think I’ve seen a bad episode (except for the clip show). Tonight we’re going to see Team America: World Police. Can’t […]

TO movie shoots

I just noticed this news item over at CBC Toronto, about how a large part of Toronto has been turned into 1930s USA. On the weekend Sandy and I were downtown and a facade on Richmond St downtown had a big overhand attached to it, with garish neon letters and a marquee. The sign said […]

We did manage to watch Secret Window. It was… alright. Not excellent. Not garbage either though. Watched the first episode of season 8 of South Park last night. It was brutal to watch. Somehow they manage to keep pushing the envelope of taste. It was just painful, painful to watch. On the other hand, the […]