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The “wow” is… never!

So, Windows 7.0 — I mean, Vista is out. Pardon me if I’m not excited, but it does seem like no one really cares. What is strange is how so many big software companies didn’t make their software compatible by the time it went gold. MS was giving away free betas for crying out loud, […]

Pepper Hacking bears some fruit…

I’ve actually created some things with the Pepper SDK! A calculator and a minesweeper game. I didn’t actually write either of the games, but I packed them up as “native” Pepper Keeper apps with the SDK. Nifty.

Safari’s strictness

Apple’s Safari browser is pretty strict when it comes to certain things in JavaScript. For starters the ECMAScript set of future reserved words are already reserved words in SafariScript. Things like “super” or “export” or “static” are no-go. Second, I just found this oddity. I’d written some code like this: var q = document.getElementById(‘foo’).childNodes; for […]

Aaaand the DSL is good!

Turns out it wasn’t a problem with my BSW (the wire from the brown pedestal to my house). It was with my F2 pair (the wire from the pedestal out to the big brown box on the side of the road).

Real mobile Wikipedia

I’ve seen lots of talk recently about ‘mobile’ versions of Wikipedia. I’m a big fan of Wikipedia and I use it all the time. I’ve looked at all of the “solutions” for so-called mobile versions of Wikipedia and they all suck. First of all, many of them require full-on ‘net access or a cell phone, […]

I still hate iTunes.

Unsurprisingly, I’m not alone in my hatred of iTunes. A handful of people have commented on my previous post back in June in a similar vein. Well the hatin’ just keeps on comin’. My wife just converted over to Anapod Explorer after grappling with iTunes. As soon as she said “I just want to drag […]

nope, not dead, still here

We went to Cedar Point, Ohio for the weekend of my birthday and had a fun getaway. I rode all the coasters at the park, especially on Sunday when it was shockingly not very busy at all. I walked onto most coasters with no wait, and boy, what a selection they have. Top Thrill Dragster […]

The saga is over

My new friend the Bell lineman came by yesterday and found the problem. After over a month of insisting that I had a problem with the Bell wires, guess what – the problem was with the Bell wires! He swapped my line over to a spare set – hearing that nice, clear, non-fuzzy tone on […]

Still with the ongoing DSL saga…

We’re still – still! – having DSL issues. But I hope that finally we’re going to get some relief. Let’s start at the beginning: Back in February we had a new “dry” DSL line (let’s call it line #2) setup alongside our existing dial tone/DSL line (line #1). Then we cancelled all service on line […]

PepperWiki Launch

I’m launching my Wiki site for the Pepper Pad: PepperWiki!