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Jack’s first day

Jack’s first day 1 Originally uploaded by chuma_. The secret is out now. On Saturday we got a new addition to the house. His name is Jack, and as you can see he’s small, orange/white, and feline. Like all felines he has three stages: Eat a lot Run around a lot Sleep a lot This […]

Kitten War! May The Cutest Kitten Win!

Kitten War! May The Cutest Kitten Win! – from the people who brought you Cats in Sinks

Cats In Sinks

Cats In Sinks What more do you need?

We are very sad right now. On Saturday Oliver, our big white fat deaf lovable cat, we took him to the vet and he didn’t come home. He was only three years old. Both Sandy and I are torn up inside over it. For those of you not following, Oliver had feline hyperestesia. It had […]

Feline Hyperesthesia

That’s what the vet said that Oliver has. I finally figured it out and remembered. I’m collecting links to information about it:

Oliver update

Well, we spent a lot of time this weekend figuring out what was wrong with Oliver. The end result is he’s not attacking himself anymore, and seems pretty OK for now. But here’s the full story… On Friday evening we took him to the same vet who treated him for his cut three weeks ago. […]

We don’t know what, but there is something wrong with our cat Oliver. FYI, he has been deaf since birth. Ever since we got back from our honeymoon, he has been acting very strangely. Just before our wedding he injured himself and had a nasty gash on his front right leg. It got stitched up […]