We are very sad right now. On Saturday Oliver, our big white fat deaf lovable cat, we took him to the vet and he didn’t come home. He was only three years old. Both Sandy and I are torn up inside over it. For those of you not following, Oliver had feline hyperestesia. It had gotten to the point where the medication wasn’t helping him any more and the other cats were getting more agitated and angry at him. We finally realized that he was incurable and either on or off the drugs, he wasn’t the same cat anymore. I’ve been feeling a lot of grief and pain, and Sandy about a million times more than I.

I know that he was really happy with us though, and that makes all the difference. We took him when no one else would and poured our love and our hearts into him. I’ll never have another cat like him.

I think that right now, he’s lazing it up just like the photo. That happy sleepy cat.


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3 replies

  1. Ahhh! That sucks guys!
    I’m sure he had a much better life with you than he would have if you hadn’t adopted him. At least he was loved, and happy before this all happened…

  2. That’s rough guys. I just lost one of my kittens after months of trying to get her healthy. You always feel like you’ve never done enough but I’m sure that you guys did!

  3. What a beautiful story about him, though, Victor. You both saw the goodness in him and your love to him. I’m sure he is lazing about in the sun now 🙂

    Hope you’re both well….