“sometimes, I pee on the grass”

A little kid at Student Health Services volunteered that important piece of information today. Oh yeah, and I’m still here, thankyouverymuch.
There’s tons of stuff that I haven’t mentioned:

  • I passed my last class, with a 66. This means that I’m GRADUATING!
  • I have a new full-time job. Oh wait, I mentioned that already.
  • We bought a label maker the other day. It’s awesome. No one should be without a label maker. Also, Staples should have frequent buyer cards for label tape, you know, buy 10 get one free.
  • This week is frosh week. I’ve been helping out. It’s been busy.
  • I unleashed WikiWikiNewt.
  • We got a new cat. Its name is Oliver. It’s pure white and deaf. Stone deaf. And insane.
  • Sandy got a job too!

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