Newton Ethernet Instructions

  1. First, we need to make sure we’ve got all of the right packages needed. NIE 2.0 is required. An ethernet driver is also needed:
  2. I suggest removing your ethernet card or modem before installing any packages.
  3. Using your favourite package installer, install the packages from NIE 2.0 (Newton Internet, Newton Devices, NIE Ethernet, Internet Setup) followed by your ethernet driver(s). I suggest you install all of these packages onto the internal store.
  4. Insert your ethernet card. Depending on your card and driver, a number of things may happen:
    • Nothing. This is normal for the 3Com cards
    • A slip will appear identifying your card. This will happen for the Farallon, TDK and ATLAN drivers.
  5. Now open up Internet Setup and create a new setup based on “Generic”. Tap on the “Connect Using” picker. Choose Ethernet. Tap Continue. Give the setup a name, choose either DHCP (automatic config) or manual config. Now, the moment of truth … tap on “Card”. If you see your ethernet card listed, congrats! You’ve successfully installed ethernet support! Select your card and finish the setup. If you only see one or none of the above, you probably forgot to install a package. Go back and make sure they’re all there.

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