Feline Hyperesthesia

That’s what the vet said that Oliver has. I finally figured it out and remembered. I’m collecting links to information about it:


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  1. You should send these links to that other stupid vet who thought it was fleas.
    That makes me mad that this is common enough to have websites on it, but the vet didn’t even think about it. I’d be writing a nasty letter suggesting they go back to school…

  2. I am 70 years old, have had cats all my life, and am amazed I never heard of FHS. My 4-year old female has finally been diagnosed with FHS. For 3 months we have been going crazy trying to get rid of fleas we don’t have. I have two indoor cats, one has all the symptoms of FHS, the other who is 9 years old is fine. Our cat has been placed on phenobarbital and I hope it works. If you live long enough you get to experience everything. I did read somewhere that kittens of feral cats might be more susceptible – anyone else heard of this? Our cat was adopted from the Humane Society as a kitten – we received no information on her background.