If I seem strange to you today

…it’s because I’m damn tired. While the plumber’s banging away, I might as well take this time to update this oft-neglected space.

But first, a quote from our current fav band:

If I seem strange to you today
Different than I ever have
And if I come to you in waves
Waves that break and fall before you reach them
Perhaps I’ve found a way
A way to get is out of this
Or maybe it’s my fault again

Not meant to mean anything, I’ve just been listening to it a lot.
Anyways. The past week. Yeah. There’s a lot of schoolwork going on, which I suppose is a good thing. And it’s all getting done, that’s a good thing too. So it all got done. Which was good.

On Friday we had a big early birthday party for Sandy’s 23rd. Lots of people came, and there was excessive amounts of having fun everywhere. It was great, and she had a great time. I will have to put up my photos sometime soon. I’m lazy.


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