Random smatterings.

Our basement is painted! It “just” needs a ceiling and carpet now. Might be a while before those are done though.

I made a really good lasagna yesterday. It was just… tasty. I wish I had made two but we ran out of noodles.

I’ve been writing quite a lot of JavaScript lately, not a language which I’ve really ‘learned’ but it’s not hard to pick up. I keep forgetting somethings though, like when I do a replace, it RETURNS the new string instead of modifying it in place, as I’d expect since it’s a method of the object. It just took me way to long to remember that.

Also, lots of XML and XSLT. XSLT has syntax that frankly makes my brain hurt, but I’ve actually got a working XSLT and it’s transforming XML into HTML. Within the browser. Well, FireFox at least. But it’s pretty cool.

Sandy’s started her two week block placement yesterday. Two weeks of not having to go to spirit-crushing university are a good thing.

I’m still sick of winter, usually I’m not, but when I get home there will be a foot of snow on my driveway…


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  1. I don’t know why you are so worried about shovelling snow since I have been the one doing it for the last three weeks!