Movies Watched:

  • The Transporter 2 — I’m so glad I sat down expecting absolutely nothing from this movie, because all I got was a 90 minute gunfight and car chase. Wheee! Lots of comments along the lines of “geez, is she ever going to put some clothes on?” abounded. They actually put pants on the woman on the poster, but she doesn’t actualy wear pants, in the entire movie.

  • Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride — It is a beautiful film. It’s playing at the Paramount in Toronto this week only, and when it goes into general release this Friday you should see it! We were hoping that it would be a musical and though there are 4 or 5 musical numbers, there’s a good deal without. Definately a cut above even Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. This time around there is a lot more fancy camera work and shots being done – 360° rotations, “crane” style shots, as well as interesting contrasts and perspective being used very well.

Still have quite a few things in the movie queue to watch, including Hooligans and March of the Penguins.

New Franz Ferdinand — well, you know, it’s not exactly released yet, but, you know, I have obtained it. And just like their first album, we both had to listen to it through about three or four times before finally getting it. It will probably be permanently installed in the car for a while.


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