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All shall rejoice, for I have discovered how to login to an Exchange mailbox using CDO 1.21 via Perl/Win32 using a temporary profile! Not that anyone is going to understand what that means…

things I didn’t know about my manager, but I do now

Used to listen to hip-hop Owns a pair of 1200s (DJ turntables) Used to mix house tracks Apparently, all of this activity stops when you turn 30. Damn, I haven’t even bought my 1200s yet, and I’m gonna be 23 soon!

ouch. i have been told

Grant sent me some screenshots that made my toes curl. The shots were how this site looked in various Mac browsers. I think that it looked like, well, ass because of the font settings. I’ve gotten rid of all of the Helveticas now – apparently things are a lot nicer for Mac people now. w00t.

we’re there, for now

or, why browsers suck. IE doesn’t like it when an element’s position is absolute but only its margins are defined, not its position (ie. margin-left is defined, not left) IE doesn’t like semantic absolute font sizes (like “small” instead of “10pt”) I really don’t like Verdana as a font – Tahoma looks much closer to […]

it has been brought to my attention…

that this site looks like crap in Internet Exploder. Although part of me doesn’t care, another part of me, strangely, does. So I guess I’ll have to fix it. Grrgh.