NewtDump was a data export tool I wrote in Visual Basic 6 between 1999 and 2001. It uses a serial port and the Sloup data transfer program. Worked pretty well for me, though the code is absolutely horiffic to look at. It’s one of the few packages that can read packages off of the Newton into a PKG file.

Download the last version of NewtDump v0.1b97. (Updated June 27, 2001)


Tons of new stuff in Build 97. First and foremost, there is some support forDates -> vCalendar exporting, but it does NOT do repeating meetings or events. It does (read: should) do normal, non-repeating meetings and events. I haven’t tested this extensively with PIMs that support importing from vCalendar, though. There is also support for exporting the Avi’s Backdrop scribble pad, and Fortunes data.

Old, outdated screenshot:

NewtDump screenshot


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