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I’m a listener, I’m no threat

NO THREAT::Lyrics Got a window-washer’s head for an unmakeable bed for loneliness the past is no place to rest your weary arms ‘cept at sevens at yer sides your face a campaign debt, reflected sky you die to your fans one window at at a time – that’s right! gotta a window-washer’s eye for an […]

Movies Watched: The Transporter 2 — I’m so glad I sat down expecting absolutely nothing from this movie, because all I got was a 90 minute gunfight and car chase. Wheee! Lots of comments along the lines of “geez, is she ever going to put some clothes on?” abounded. They actually put pants on the […]

I must be mellowing out in my old age

Lately, Coldplay has been playing a lot in the car. They’re not my choice, but they’re alright. I will listen if they’re playing but I wouldn’t actually put them in my playlist or CD player. But now I discovered another group who is even /more/ mellow and I like them. It’s Saint Etienne.

Sleater-Kinney is coming back to Toronto

Too bad they are opening for Pearl Jam, and tickets are $60. But they are also playing the Ear to the Ground Festival the day before…

Entering The Woods

Finally got my copy of Sleater-Kinney’s new album, The Woods today. Whee!

Sleater-Kinney News

New album “The Woods” out May 24. They’re playing The Phoenix in Toronto on June 18th. Which is our one year anniversary.

Axe Commercial Song found!

Many thanks to visitor “Matt” who said: “Hey, actually you can d/l the song off the net. It’s called “Factor Miedo” by Cartel de Santa” Awesome! Thanks! Unfortunately I have been scouring the P2P nets and the normal nets and can’t find it yet. It’s not on any of their albums. Interesting trivia though, it’s […]


I signed up for AudioScrobbler. It’s a cool service that keeps track of what you listen to and compiles statistics, as well as matching you to people with similar musical tastes so you can see what they listen too. This is my page. I’ll have to add a link to this on the sidebar somewhere, […]

back on tour, 1-2-3

Snagged the new Prodigy album/EP/whatever the other day. I’d heard the single ‘Girls’ before and it felt sort of lukewarm, and so did a lot of other people. Well, I’ve been listening to the album and I’m hooked on it, especially the track “Wake up Call”. So much grinding guitar goodness.

more guster more guster more guster

Guster back in Toronto on Nov 29th @ Lee’s Palace! Woo! I had other stuff to rant about, but I’ll do that later.