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Rogers is going to get coal from me.

Die. Die die die die die. Rogers ‘new’ E-mail to SMS ‘service’ is the biggest piece of utter garbage I have ever seen. I’m going to say it. Fuck Rogers. There. I said it. Right before Christmas and all. Well, after 10 minutes of Google searching and an hour or so of coding, I worked […]

why Canadian cell phone companies suck.

It’s that time again… time to bitch about cell phone plans! Our contract with Rogers is up at the end of August, and Sandy is adamant about shopping around. I’m always up for getting a better deal, and for technology-related shopping, so I’ve already started looking at the companies again (Rogers, Telus, Bell, and Fido) […]

aha! we are getting screwed!

Wireless: Canadians pay more – gee whiz, we’re getting hosed for wireless hardware prices? Well whaddya know?

out with the crap, in with the new

For the first time, umm, ever, I finally have a cell phone with the features that I want instead of the best thing I could get for $0. On the left: my crappy old Motorola V101. Goodbye, sweet stupid bulky box with a full keyboard. Why didn’t you have a WAP browser? On the right, […]