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PepperWiki Launch

I’m launching my Wiki site for the Pepper Pad: PepperWiki!

Graphic Hunting

I’m looking for a cool image to put on the front of my new notebook at work. I thought about a map of something cool, then thought about those Moscow Metro panoramas, but right next to it was a link to posters from the US Work Projects Administration from the late 30s – early 40s. […]

Pepper Pad beats Nokia 770 in review at Mobile Tech Review

Mobile Tech Review has posted a very very nice review of the Pepper Pad. They give it 4 stars out of five, while the lackluster Nokia 770 gets 3.5 stars.

Kitten War! May The Cutest Kitten Win!

Kitten War! May The Cutest Kitten Win! – from the people who brought you Cats in Sinks

Cats In Sinks

Cats In Sinks What more do you need?

How not to drive a bus

How not to drive a bus. A bus driver from Ontario hit a 9 foot 6 inch overpass with his 13 foot tall bus yesterday. NOT RECOMMENDED. No one was killed, but a child was hurt and an adult went into cardiac arrest. Photo from Newsday

via MetaFilter: The Two Things about everything. A pretty simple concept that every profession, activity, whatever, only has two things you need to know. Everything else is an extension of those two things.

Terror alert chart

Via boingboing: I put this on the fridge at work, it was so funny I couldn’t resist.

More Unmitigated Crap

Oh my god. That damn movie, Gigli, is out. Besides being the worst movie title since “”, it’s just… I can’t do it justice. Read this review. It’s a great review. Here’s a quote from the review: The best that can be said about it here is that it doesn’t beat out The Ladies Man […]

These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed

The weapons you are looking for are currently unavailable. The country might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your weapons inspectors mandate.