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Protected: Slow it down, way down

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How come every other continent gets the cool appliances first?

Yeah yeah, so some guy in California invented the Segway, I still haven’t seen one on the street yet. Big deal, what I want is a Dressman shirt iron by Siemens. It’s an auto-iron for shirts: you put a shirt on it, press a button, and it inflates to fill the shirt, and then irons […]

Government finally realises that young drivers are being discrimiated against

CBC News: Nfld. bans insurance rates based on age, gender – Duh! If you’re under 25 and you own a car, you know why your insurance rates are so high: because insurance companies think you are “high-risk” because of your age. Doubly so if you are under 25 and male. Well Newfoundland finally got a […]

Season four of 24 in a nutshell – wow, Wesley gets all pissed off about 24, thus turning me off from ever picking it up. At least I still have Alias to escape with, which is FINALLY turning this craphole of a season around! ABC was all like “Yeah, best season EVAR!” but of course […]

The Who – I’m Free I’M FREE-I’m free, And freedom tastes of reality, I’m free-I’m free, AN’ I’m waiting for you to follow me. If I told you what it takes to reach the highest high, You’d laugh and say ‘nothing’s that simple’ But you’ve been told many times before Messiahs pointed to the door […]

I miss Lloyd Axworthy.

Lloyd Axworthy tells Condoleezza Rice what we’re really thinking – Axworthy was a great foreign minister IMHO. This is a great read.

Random smatterings.

Our basement is painted! It “just” needs a ceiling and carpet now. Might be a while before those are done though. I made a really good lasagna yesterday. It was just… tasty. I wish I had made two but we ran out of noodles. I’ve been writing quite a lot of JavaScript lately, not a […]

CBC News: Federal ‘feebate’ could pinch SUV buyers – good. Screw SUVs. And the people in this article who are against this fee are all like “people won’t be able to take their kids to hockey games or pull their camper”. Jesus. I can fit a hockey bag in a Pontiac Vibe just as well […]

MSN, c’est boned

MSN is down. 10 minutes ago I couldn’t even see this message on their site.