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Newton pages are busted

I moved this site off of my crappy home DSL link and back onto a real webserver. Thanks Bill. A lot of pages are broken though, pretty much anything old that used server-side includes. Actually, lots of things are busted, because I no longer have mod_rewrite at my disposal. Feed URLs have changed as well […]

Site moooove…

I’m migrating this site over to my home server today – it will probably get much slower until I find a better permanent place for it. DNS will switchover in 24 hours so there might be a blip where it’s offline.

mmm, themes

So after a lot of digging around the net I found a nice, fluid design called Giraffe. Not only is the code purty nice to play with, but it comes with a plugin to manage some basic settings. Sweet! Now I just need to find a good randomizing plugin or write my own. You may […]