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Pepper Hacking bears some fruit…

I’ve actually created some things with the Pepper SDK! A calculator and a minesweeper game. I didn’t actually write either of the games, but I packed them up as “native” Pepper Keeper apps with the SDK. Nifty.

Real mobile Wikipedia

I’ve seen lots of talk recently about ‘mobile’ versions of Wikipedia. I’m a big fan of Wikipedia and I use it all the time. I’ve looked at all of the “solutions” for so-called mobile versions of Wikipedia and they all suck. First of all, many of them require full-on ‘net access or a cell phone, […]

PepperWiki Launch

I’m launching my Wiki site for the Pepper Pad: PepperWiki!

Got a file manager on my Pepper…

I finally got a decent file manager app running on my Pepper the other day. It’s emelFM, a pretty slick GTK1 file manager. The latest version compiles with the GTK1 RPMs I’ve made, though there are a few bugs in the internationalization files that gettext chokes on that I had to fix. I’ll be working […]

Pepper Pad beats Nokia 770 in review at Mobile Tech Review

Mobile Tech Review has posted a very very nice review of the Pepper Pad. They give it 4 stars out of five, while the lackluster Nokia 770 gets 3.5 stars.

Software upgrade “shot in the arm” for Pepper coming soon…

More info about the Pepper’s software update is around, and it’s oh so tasty. It’s also been officially announced – more coverage on Engadget. The applications page on has been updated with the three major application enhancemnets coming in Pepper Keeper 2.1: MobiPocket Reader: looks like Pepper hooked up with MobiPocket for an e-book […]

How’s the Pepper going? Great, thanks.

Thought I’d write some more about my Pepper Pad, especially since more and more people are writing about its competition, the Nokia 770. I’ve been using the Pad for quite a few months and am enjoying it for the most part. It’s simply great to surf the web on, period. In a few weeks a […]

Pepper Pad Community Forums and WiFi upgrade

Pepper Pad Community Forums – the official Pepper Pad forums are open now! Can’t wait for that SDK now… Also, apparently all new Peppers being shipped will have an upgraded Wi-Fi card, according to No idea yet if this is a B/G mode card or what.

Pepper’s Internal WiFi Adapter

It’s a Gemtek WL-672, connected through a CF slot on the Pepper’s mainboard. It’s pretty damn clear in the photos from the FCC that I posted earlier. I can’t for the life of me find its POWER CONSUMPTION SPECIFICATIONS though! Argh!

E-Books on Pepper – not much yet, but promising

I’m no expert, but on the surface, the Pepper Pad seems like a great machine for reading e-books. It’s got a nice 8.4″ 800×600 screen with easily adjustable brightness. It’s got a large built-in scroll wheel, as well as an arrow pad. It’s ruggedized too, with rubber edges and a rubber screen frame. However, right […]