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Web 2.0 + Pepper = very cool

Turns out you don’t even have to wait for new apps to be written for Pepper in order to enjoy new functionality: there are a lot of free browser-based apps out there that work great with Pepper’s browser (thanks to its Mozilla roots). Here are some that I’ve started using: eMessenger light: a web-based MSN […]

Looking for zip and unzip?

There are zip and unzip tools already installed on the pad, however they are called: minizip and miniunzip respectively.

Take control of your world

I just had an enjoyable time setting up my living room devices in Pepper’s Remote Control app. Unfortunately, the documentation in that app is very sparse… so I’m here to help you download remote codes. Personally, I hate teaching a “learning” remote — tediousness defined. Find the remote you need codes for, and note the […]

Better way to enable services

Sean who runs the nice looking but content-deprived Pepper Hacks website, offered up this tip: You can enable and disable services by using the initdconfig command. It behaves the same as the ‘chkconfig’ command for RedHat / Fedora Linux. Thanks Sean! So to enable the SSH server you just have to do: initdconfig ssh on […]

USB to PS/2 Adapter: a good idea

Since I pre-ordered my Pepper, I’ve been casually browsing around looking for some kind of small, wireless, full-size-ish keyboard to use with it. Don’t get me wrong, even though my thumbs are huge, I am getting used to and quickly learning the layout of the thumb-pads, but for more serious text input I knew that […]

Getting stuff onto the Pad

Unfortunately, right off the get-go I was having problems getting my music and video onto the pad (which is still without a name, and no, I’m not calling it Sgt. Pepper). I had initially planned on using my USB->CF card reader to put files onto it. Unfortunately, the Linux 2.4 kernel doesn’t get along with […]

FCC gives up the insides

Photos of the inside of Pepper, so I don’t have to take mine apart! Images in PDF file

Ohh, the extreme irony…

My Pepper Pad was shipped from Canada (where it is assembled), to the USA, and back to Canada. Canada Customs is making lots of money off of this transaction.

Hacking Pepper’s Linux (setting up SSH)

Yes, it’s here. And since there’s virtually zero third-party information about this thing on the net, expect this category of my site to get very busy, very soon. I got the Pepper Pad for two reasons: Easy-to-use , portable web browsing throughout my home Makes a decent portable video player too Has full Linux distro, […]

It’s here! It’s here!

I knew it wasn’t vapourware. Shame on you, Jon!