Take control of your world

I just had an enjoyable time setting up my living room devices in Pepper’s Remote Control app. Unfortunately, the documentation in that app is very sparse… so I’m here to help you download remote codes. Personally, I hate teaching a “learning” remote — tediousness defined.

  1. Find the remote you need codes for, and note the make and model. Not the device model, but the model number on the remote itself.
  2. Open Remote Control on your Pepper, open the Web tab, and go to the list of remote codes at the Linux Infrared Remote Code site
  3. Browse to your manufacturer, and look for the model number of your remote. There may be more than one file for it, if so use the larger file (it probably has more buttons defined). Tapping on any file will download and install it into the Devices tab. You’ll also see a download confirmation message in the status bar.
  4. Switch over to the devices tab. You’ll see a new device under the manufacturer’s name that has no device type. Open it and assign it the correct device type, and some buttons should appear. Try them out!
  5. You can add new or change the assigned codes for the buttons by following the documentation.

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