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Jack’s first day

Jack’s first day 1 Originally uploaded by chuma_. The secret is out now. On Saturday we got a new addition to the house. His name is Jack, and as you can see he’s small, orange/white, and feline. Like all felines he has three stages: Eat a lot Run around a lot Sleep a lot This […]

Bumper sticker from GO Transit parking lot

still blogging sculpture garden

Oh crap. It’s a sandbox. What a stupid thing to put in the middle of downtown Toronto… doesn’t everyone know that sandboxes are filled with pet crap and, well, just dirty in general? For those who don’t know, right across the path from the garden is the patio of an expensive French restaurant. I’m sure […]

Sculpture Garden construction, day 2


I wonder what’s going into the sculpture garden?

It’s going to be pretty big, that’s for sure… Toronto Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden, south entrance

Click image for original 3MP version. Took this this morning on my walk to work. The shadows just seemed right.

Newest Sculpture Garden Installation

This is much nicer than the last installation, which was a very scary gloss white baby’s head. This is actually a scale replica of the top 25 feet of the CN Tower. Maybe at lunch I’ll go and take photos of the two information sheets posted there. More about the sculpture garden from the City […]

I totally forgot to mention that you can see the up-to-date view outside my window here. It’s really not that exciting, but I’m not sure where else to point the darn camera. For those that are interested, I’m actually using my old Kodak DC200Plus digital camera as a webcam.

winter has finally come

The view out my apartment window this morning:

i’ve been seeing things

not in my mind, but weird stuff is popping up. Like this billboard, at the corner of Church & King in downtown Toronto: No context whatsoever. It’s not an ad. It just showed up on Monday.