i’ve been seeing things

not in my mind, but weird stuff is popping up. Like this billboard, at the corner of Church & King in downtown Toronto:

No context whatsoever. It’s not an ad. It just showed up on Monday.


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  1. Dude! I’ve sen almost the same thing except its a baby pig wrapped in a blanket and it says “It’s a boy!” underneath it… and that’s it!
    I wonder what they’re for…

  2. Intriguing!

  3. I’ve seen the baby pig “It’s a boy” ad all over GTA. It’s got me really curious! There is no corporate logo on any of them and if it is indeed an “ad”, the product advertised isn’t clear at all.

    I’m definitely intrigued.

  4. I love this add. Pig wrapped up in a blanket…’It’s a boy! ‘
    I’m trying to find the add/picture on the net. Does anyone know where I can find it.

    Very Curious!!!

  5. Ya i dont understand this. Its getting frustrating, this is the first thing on the net ive been able to find about it. Today while working i also saw one of a dirty pig and it said “buy soap”.

  6. I swear these pigs are taking over.

    First the “It’s A Boy” Thing and Now The “Buy Soap” Thing, the only logical way of putting together everything is that HELLO? Pigs are TAKING OVER OUR WORLD! I’m scared

  7. I totaly agree with u andrea! Pigs R taking over the world, its like that book Animal Farm. Soon these pigs will be wearing our clothes, drinkin our booze, smokin our pot… where will this madness end? These so called “pigs” maybe cute, but they are surely EVIL!

  8. Me Again.

    Okay. my last theory is scaring my friend and I so we’ve decided to come up with a new one.
    1) It could be a phone or text messaging ad
    2) Some weirdo with a bunch of money to spend
    3) Pigs are taking over the world like in Animal Farm and soon they’ll be hurting us… 🙁

  9. My theory is that it’s a phone ad. Because all of the messages are things that you might use your cell phone to say. There’s a new one now on buses & streetcars in Toronto that says “I’m running late.”

    It seems that I’m the only one on the net to be writing about this though, so that’s pretty cool 🙂

  10. I think we’re deprived in Winnipeg. I have yet to see the “Buy Soap”, and “I’m running late” add.

    Do those adds involve the baby pig as well. Or is there another picture attached?

    • I also as well think it’s pretty cool that we’re the first to write about this on the net!

      : )

  11. I’ve seen “I love you” and “Buy soap” around in Ottawa. I think that they are Telus ads. I love them, but I was hoping it was something cooler than an add for a camera-phone.

  12. I never thought I would find a message group about this! I have seen these pig ads in the Hamilton area for the past few weeks. It’s the “It’s a Boy” and “I love you” ads. The pig in the blanket with “it’s a boy” is sooooo cute! I’m dying to find that pic on the web!

    I also believe it’s for a phone company. Pretty cute idea!

  13. its a telus promotion for text/picture massaging

  14. My favourite one so far is the “I’m running behind one” it’s so funny, cuz you see the pigs bum. Oink Oink!

  15. Go to telusmobility.com. i’ll be damned if that’s not the same pig!

  16. Has anyone seen the “Luke, I am your father…” one? It is SO CUTE! There is a big pig and a little pig. My other favorite one is the “I love you” one. I saw the “Luke I am your father” one at silvercity polo park in winnipeg.

  17. It’s for Telus … and there is info on their site about the pig and screensavers and such … very cute!


  18. I sighted this cute porker on West 2nd Ave. in Vancouver. Makes me hungry for bacon.

  19. I saw the telus mobility ad in the movie theatres today when i went to watch matrix at First Markham Place.

    Anyway, the ad i saw was a large black pig looking down at a cute white–black-and-pink piggy. The quote on the bottom said “Luke, I am your father!”

    what does that mean? it has no relevance to the telus mobility cell phone but it has surely caught my eye. I think that piggy is sooo cute!

  20. Where would i be able to find pics of the telus pig!!!??? i have been lookin for the “i love you one” and i can’t find it!

  21. These little pigs are part of the Telus Mobility (phone) campaign and you can download a screensaver with a few of them on it at:
    They also have small images of the pigs scattered throughout the site. The idea for them came from a Japanese television series called “My Life As McDull”, which features 2 of the pigs named McDull and McMug.

  22. i think they’re adorable…very cute!

  23. you guys are so stupid its telus… i have alot of pictures of the piglets…. they use all kinds of animals that are cute too

  24. now that everyone knows who these pigs are and what they represent, what do you think of them?

  25. I mean… are they effective as mascots for Telus???

    I guess I should reveal my true motives, as a fan of these piggies and also as a journalism student at Ryerson University in Toronto trying to write an article about their relative success. Maybe some of you could help me out by reading/answering the following:

    I went into a Telus Mobility store today and asked if I could have one of the posters hanging in the windows depicting Lucie and/or Sparky. But, alas, the sales rep said all the posters, cut outs, mobiles?EVERYTHING?had already been spoken for by other people! (I gather that when the new batch of campaign posters comes in, the people who reserved these current ones will come in to claim them and save them from being dumped.)

    I went to a second store and got the same reply: all the posters had already been reserved (I was offered one text-heavy poster, but I wouldn’t even be able to reserve it until after Christmas).

    As consumer…

    1. In your mind/to your knowledge, has any other ad campaign been so popular/generated so much interest/excitement for Telus? Have you ever been so drawn to a Telus ad campaign as you are to this one? Why/why not?

    2. Why do you think they chose PIGS??? Do you think it was a wise choice of mascot? Why/why not?

    3. Would you consider going into a Telus store and reserving your own Lucie and/or Sparky poster?

    E-mail your answers and any other thoughts/comments you have to me: nglouber@ryerson.ca, and include your full names/titles if you could/want to/don’t mind (but, it’s not necessary; I’m really mainly interested in hearing some feedback on this).

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    Noa Glouberman

  26. OMIGOSH! I love these piggies. I collect their flyers and i wanna reserve the xmas poster with the little pink/black/white one and the candy cane. They won’t sell them to you but did you know they just get rid of the posters when the season/promotion’s done? THEY THROW THEM OUT!!! they could make a lot of money if they sold them.
    Anyway just thought i’d say so.

  27. It Telus … one of the biggest jokes of a company ever.



  28. I’m looking for a lot of pictures of the Telus Pig to make a collage for my little sister who loves the Telus pig
    Could anyone tell me where to find some pictures?

  29. ok.. i may be a young teenager .. but even i knwo this.. THE PIG IS THE MASCOT THING FOR THE CELL PHONE COMPANY “TELUS”.. but he is cute 🙂

  30. OH MY GOD! Everytime I see the commercial with the pigs, I scream at how amazingly cute they are!I absolutely LOVE the pigs! They are THE cutest things IN THE WORLD! Everytime I see little flyers with the pigs, I always take them and pin them to my wall! Am I obsessive?

    Go here to see PIGGY! : http://img15.photobucket.com/albums/v46/Endaya/Other/TheCutestThingInTheWorld.bmp

  31. Perceptions do not limit reality.

  32. I got the telus piggy from bell world and it cost over $15.. *Lucie… O0O0OoO0OoOHhhh

  33. XOXO a telus piggy pic

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