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Holidays Redux, and adventures in chipping

It’s 2006 and I’m still writing Newton software. I whipped up a quick and pretty durn effective solution to get important yearly dates and holidays onto your Newton – convert Apple iCal public calendars to Newton packages. I call it Holidays Redux. In other news, it was like Christmas II at the office yesterday – […]

People change, times change, interests change

Who wants a file archive? I started this thing, which I called UNNA, back in September of 2000. At the time, there had been a great collection of Newton software called NewtonMAD – however, some of it was warez and so it needed to be ‘cleaned up’. Some Newties, including myself, started doing this, and […]

wireless shopping list

Because I have old hardware, I need weird networking devices. PCI 2.1 (not 2.2) and Linux compatible 802.11b network card. Almost all cards are PCI 2.2, and the motherboard in my home server freezes when I try to use a PCI 2.2 card. 5V 16-bit PCMCIA 802.11b card – must be based on Lucent/Agere or […]

The Newton is heating up again…

The Newton community is attracting a lot of attention in the media again. Since the upcoming World-Wide Newton Conference has attracted ex-Newton engineers as well as enthusiasts, and former Apple CEO John Sculley is the honorary president of the Worldwide Newton Association, we’re getting press in places like Wired and Slashdot, and hopefully a few […]

on the eMate front…

I didn’t really write about this yet, but two weeks ago we got two Apple eMate 300s. They were quite a steal so I couldn’t pass them up. The eMate makes a great little word processing machine, and is quite usable with the memory upgrade. Sandy’s came with one already installed and I got one […]

Photos like this make me love the Newton.

The Stanford Newton User Group held it’s 10th anniversary meeting the other day! Without a doubt they are the longest-running NUG. Hats off to SNUG! photo by Adam Tow

Released: InPath driver for the Newton

I’ve just released InPath, a Newton driver for the InPath MW-400 serial barcode scanner. It’s a cool little scanner that was made especially for PDAs, and now it will act just like a keyboard with this driver. Thanks to Daniel Padilla for helping me out with this.

I’m famous

A Vintage Palmtop Holds Users in Thrall (GIF Image, 1326×906 pixels) – article about the Newton with my photo in it from the March 27, 2003 edition of the New York Times. Thanks to Al Muniz for mailing me a copy of that paper! In addition, Al says that the article was also reprinted in […]

Yes, I’m in the NYT

A Vintage Palmtop Holds Users in Thrall – Ahh, more Newton publicity! Bring it on! Apparently yes, they did publish my photo but I haven’t gotten to pick up the paper yet today as I’m feeling somewhat under the weather and stayed home.

Newton: five years after

State Of The Newton Address by Victor Rehorst (who is the “king of NewtonTalk”, but doesn’t need to be worshipped) – Today marks the five year anniversary of the cancellation of the Newton. Around this time in 2001, I wasn’t sure if the Newton and its followers would last the year: Palm and […]