Got a file manager on my Pepper…

I finally got a decent file manager app running on my Pepper the other day. It’s emelFM, a pretty slick GTK1 file manager. The latest version compiles with the GTK1 RPMs I’ve made, though there are a few bugs in the internationalization files that gettext chokes on that I had to fix. I’ll be working on building source and binary RPMs for the Pepper soon!


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  1. Hi and congratulations !
    I am no Linux user but I fully enjoy the pdf add-on that Sean (from Pepper) indicated me.
    I respect the opinion that libraries may be better solutions than an explorer. But being also a Windows Mobile user through my cell phones, I fully relish the advantages of using an explorer-type program on light devices.
    If I were not a Linux-dummy, I would immediateley install emelIFM. It would be very kind if you could you clarify how to download and install it ?

  2. Got emelFM2 from you. Just wonderful. Thks. jf
    I also installed gtapecalc but could not find which directory it installed to.
    Question: is thbere a way to create a shortcut in the Application tab to simplify launching?

    Keep u the good work !