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Oh my god. That damn movie, Gigli, is out. Besides being the worst movie title since “”, it’s just… I can’t do it justice. Read this review. It’s a great review. Here’s a quote from the review:

The best that can be said about it here is that it doesn’t beat out The Ladies Man as the most abrasively awful film of the past five years, nor does it top Battlefield Earth for sheer misguided lunacy, though whoever chose to green light a film about a mobster babysitting a retarded youngster who helps him to “convert” a lesbian really should be fired.


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  1. My favourite line from that movie (which I haven’t seen, only read reviews about):
    “gobble, gobble”

  2. I don’t think that any human would actually own up to seeing that movie, beyond the reviewers, who probably had to be tied down.

  3. Actually I have a morbid fascination with seeing it… much like the odd desire I have to see Glitter… I’m geniunely curious as to how bad the movie is. On the other hand, I refuse to pay to watch refuse (clever, eh?) so I’ll wait until it’s on City…

  4. And in case anyone was still thinking about seeing this movie in theatres:,2933,93802,00.html

  5. at the end when the professor get killed with his own knife