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oh. my. god. There’s this company in the UK that offers a service to drive you home in your own car after a night of drinking, in order to prevent people from drunk driving. How do they do it? Their people ride the Monkey Bike Puzzle – a 49cc 3-speed scooter that can be disassembled […]

Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard – a slightly more complex way to solve disputes. Cool.

Group for User Interface Research – Projects – DENIM and SILK – DENIM is a visual web-site designer that allows you to export mocked-up prototypes of sites. Looks really cool.

Hotmail & Passport (.NET Accounts) Vulnerability – holy crap. Hey, anyone with a web browser can reset anyone else’s MS Passport password, thereby completely screwing them! This is BAD. Yet another reason to not keep all your eggs in one basket – in this case the Microsoft basket.

Inflatable Church for a “mobile” wedding. I’d only call it “mobile” if it was attached to a semi trailer, but hey, that’s just me.

buy my stuff!

eBay Seller List: – list of stuff I’m selling on eBay right now. Help me lighten my load before I move! Please!

Gollum vs. Regis Philbin

Gollum vs. Regis – THE REGIS CHEATS! It only asks riddles and not answers! UNFAIR! CRUEL REGIS! Perhaps we EATS the Regis soon? Yesss…. EATS HIM!

remember when you were 4?

Now you can, with TVO Kids Shows. I only remeber ever seeing two of these. One was “The Body Works” – gotta love those orange titles. The other was “Read All About It!” That show used to FREAK ME OUT when I was 4. Just thinking about it gives me a little twinge of fear. […]


The Advertising Artwork of Dr. Seuss – Early drawings of Dr. Seuss’ adwork before he wrote children’s books. Some pretty neat stuff.

there’s no place that I couldn’t be without you

Pthhh, let’s see. I had a cold all last week, and a ton of work to do. I worked my ass off to meet as many deadlines as I could, and it felt good, even if the cold medication made me feel as if I was floating 3 feet off the ground. Yesterday it hit […]