there’s no place that I couldn’t be without you

Pthhh, let’s see. I had a cold all last week, and a ton of work to do. I worked my ass off to meet as many deadlines as I could, and it felt good, even if the cold medication made me feel as if I was floating 3 feet off the ground. Yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks and I didn’t go into work. I slept in until noon and it was exactly the rest that I needed. Still wasn’t feeling 100%, though. Went and did some shopping in Waterloo. I needed some nice clothes desperately, and ended up buying a ton of stuff at the Gap. In the evening we had pizza with Laura and Erin & Dave and then went to see a play at the Guelph Little Theatre that one of our friends was in. The play was called “Cosi” and it was very very funny. We almost got lost on the way though – Laura had some bad directions to the place and so we were 10 minutes late. As a result, I ended up getting a parking ticket for… wait for it… parking faced in the wrong direction. Of all the stupid-ass infractions. I didn’t even know that it existed.


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