remember when you were 4?

Now you can, with TVO Kids Shows. I only remeber ever seeing two of these. One was “The Body Works” – gotta love those orange titles. The other was “Read All About It!” That show used to FREAK ME OUT when I was 4. Just thinking about it gives me a little twinge of fear. It was probably scary because of the villan and the fact that I probably couldn’t comprehend time travel at that tender age. I do remember that the two computers (they were supposed to be robots, but one was a computer screen and the other was a printer with eyeballs – I wasn’t THAT dumb at 4) were really neat, and that might have actually started my interest in computers. Freaky.


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  1. Hey, Victor. Glad you liked “The Body Works.” I produced the first series at TVOntario and produced and directed the second series at ACCESS in Alberta. There’s also a record by the way — vinyl that is.

  2. A vinyl record for Body Works – no way! Too funny.