Striking a chord

A few of my more recent posts have been getting more attention than the others and seem to have struck a chord with some fellow ‘net denziens.

I am not alone in my hatred of iTunes. I’m still not using it and am happy. However my wife just got a brand-new MacBook and it seems that she’ll be forced back into using it. Is there no simple drag-and-drop alternative for OS X? She’s been using Anapod Explorer happily, and I guess I’ll get her to use their CopyGear software to get her music library started so iTunes doesn’t delete everything when it detects her iPod. I’ve been happily using gtkpod for months now too.

I’m also not the only one getting damn dead-air phone calls from (416) 364-1111. People all across Canada have been getting annoyed. Some people are indicating that this is Rogers marketing to their customers – if so, they’re doing a shitty job at it.


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