Axe Commercial Song found!

Many thanks to visitor “Matt” who said:

“Hey, actually you can d/l the song off the net. It’s called “Factor Miedo” by Cartel de Santa”

Awesome! Thanks! Unfortunately I have been scouring the P2P nets and the normal nets and can’t find it yet. It’s not on any of their albums. Interesting trivia though, it’s also the theme song for “Fear Factor” (“Factor Miedo” == “Fear Factor” en espanol).

First person who finds a link or a download wins a cookie…

UPDATE: no cookies awarded – I found it myself.


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  1. HI!
    I’ve been searching all over for that song to use in a skit! No one got any cookies for finding it! Can you tell me where to go to d/l Factor Miedo?

  2. Whooops! Never mind. I found out that the Fear Factor theme song is NOT Factor Miedo by Cartel de Santa. The Fear Factor theme song was composed and performed by Russ Landau.


  3. so were you able to download the song? I need it myself too!

  4. I am looking to find the name and artist fo the song on the axe commercial when a Man sprays a lot of Axe on his back. They pull up to the party on his motorcycle, and his girlfriend sticks to his back when they get off.

  5. I’m looking for the song on the most recent commercial when the guy and the gurl are kissing and rolling through fields and then another gurl joins in and they roll through barbwire and then off a cliff…

  6. Im looking for the newest axe commercial where the guy is spraying axe all over himself on the beach and all those girls are coming at him from the water and the cliffs and stuff.

  7. Hey Robert, the song from the latest AXE commercial is Dies Irae by Karl Jenkins and can be purchased on itunes.

  8. I see you got it!

  9. Can anyone ID this song for me from this Axe commercial I just saw in theatres last week. It’s driving me nuts!

  10. Straight Lines by Dawn Landes

  11. the song is called Straight lines by Dawn Landes. I love the song. Hope i helped out.

  12. What song is on the newest axe commercial where the guy is walking through the store looking at girls without any clothes on, then he sprays himself and he has no clothes on? its driving me nuts.