please help me, ’cause I’m lost and I can’t see which way to go

I’m starting to think that Moist’s album Mercedes Five and Dime is the best album they ever made. From what I can remember, it didn’t recieve too much acclaim when it came out, but it’s been stuck on my KDE playlist for a while and it’s really starting to grow on me, especially Liberation, Underground, Fish, and Comes and Goes.

I love running KDE 2.1.1. The only thing that I don’t like about my Linux system right now is the fact that SuSE 7.0 still insists on using XFree86 3.3.6, which 1) is old and 2) will not support hardware 3D rendering on my video card. I intend on finally fixing that today, by compiling XFree86 4.0.3 from source. Once I get that puppy running with 3D acceleration, I can just install Unreal Tournament for Linux and lose another reason to keep Windows around.

Sandy is mostly feeling better now. Her stomach isn’t completely buggin’ out anymore, but she’s still eating only “safe” foods. Last night I mad steak for dinner but she couldn’t eat any.

Last night we watched Once Upon A Time In China, a Hong-Kong movie starring Jet Li, c. 1991. I had heard lots of good things about this film, and since I finally convinced Sandy to watch Drunken Master II (albeit the dubbed version) and she liked it, I thought this would be a slam-dunk. Neither of us really enjoyed it. First of all, the dubbing was awful, but that’s almost to be expected. The plot was way, way too depressing for our tastes: he gets in trouble with the British, Americans, and the Chinese Consul, then some gang tries to burn down his clinic, then the gang tried to kill him on behalf of the Americans, all of his students get jailed, his cousin gets kidnapped by the gang to be sent off to America to work as a prostitute, some random fighter comes in and challenges his superiority… That was around where we stopped watching. There was still a half-hour left in the film, but if one more bad things happened to him I wouldn’t be able to take it anymore. I much prefered Jackie Chan’s portrayal of a young Wong Fei-Hung in Drunken Master II. This was also the first Jet Li movie I’d seen that was produced in Hong Kong, and it doesn’t make me want to see any more.


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