tough at the top

Okay… I decided to scrap the Writings section because anything I write and want people to read will probably go right here. So it magically transformed into the Archives section containing all of the older posts. Stuff will get moved out of here and into there whenever I feel like moving it.

I will be totally redoing the #slashdot world-map tonight – I got some kickass maps from the National Geographic web site last night. Yes, I will be including people who are not in North America, as well as all the people who e-mailed me today.

If you’re wondering what all of this #slashdot stuff is, it’s an IRC channel on OPN where I hang out regularly. Check moath’s page for people’s bios.

This guy has a huge collection of Newton related links, including a link to Newton Resources. What a cool guy 🙂

I started using MeerKat to try and orgainze and focus my news intake. mmm… news. Of course, I still read BBC World regularly, and try to watch it every night.

I had a really, really weird dream last night. It made enough of an impression that I think I can remember most of the details right now. Look here.


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