bubble gum water gun

The work atmosphere has been getting lighter as of late. Last night was a company drink / dinner night, which apparently there will be more of. (It used to be a regular thing, but got lost in the shuffle while the company was preparing to launch the site officially.)

The “Front Street Market” (glorifieid Dominion grocery store) has cheap candy-filled water guns in the bulk food section, for $2.99. I just bought one. It was pretty touch to get it out of the bin with the supplieed plastic scoop, but I eventually prevailed. When I got to the checkout the cashier tried to give me a bag for my water gun and chocolate bar – after a brief struggle, I gave the bag back and ran for my life.

I finally got confirmation from SimplyGames that they are shipping my Puzzle Bobble Mini cartridge out today! The Metal Slug: 1st Mission cart is delayed, though.

At the company dinner thing last night there was a live jazz band playing. The keyboardist looked exactly like my friend Cait from Guelph. Exactly. But then I got home and Cait was online, so it couldn’t have been her. I just told her that I found her long-lost twin.

Song: Amon Tobin – Stoney Street
What can I say, other than my sister has impeccable taste in music: this is a Ninja Tune CD.


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