in the days of my youth i was told what it means to be a man

I had totally forgot up until this evening, but today was the graduation ceremony for the class of 2000 at my former high school. I watched most of the ceremony via webcast, so I got to wee Jordan, Sophie, Sari and Judy recieve their diplomas, and Mere’s sister Alison accepted her diploma as Mere’s in Nepal. I watched the presentations and listened to the valedictory and was reminded of my own graduation, formally severing my ties with a place where I spent one third of my life. I was heppy to hear the voice of my fomer Vice-Principal, Mr. Fautley, giving out diplomas and awards. I laughed at the usual jokes and such – it was a nice time warp.

Ironically enough, last night sort of reminded me of the house parties I used to love during my last year of high school. I spent much of last night relaxing with a dozen other friends in the basement, just hanging out late at night. It was great fun.


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