too high to wonder why

I’m still listening to Thievery Corporation.

I’m almost not worried about school anymore. I have three exams next week though. I need to start studying. Hard. Soon.

I’m worried about my friend Tony. It seems that he’s been getting jerked around by his girlfriend of almost five years. I know that he deserves better treatment than this. Last night he got “dumped” again for something like the fifth time in two weeks. Tony’s probably the nicest smartest person I know and I know that this has been really hard on him.

In other news, I got 85% on my theatre production assignment. Kick ass.

This afternoon I am going to go and clean the house-I-will-officially-move-into-next-semester. Housework doesn’t bother me. I’m actually looking forward to it (mainly because the house really needs it). I need to maintaing a certain level of tidyness and cleanliness. Not an extreme level, but some level.


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