around the world the trip begins with a kiss

Sat down at this computer, opened up the the MP3 folder, and decided that I would listen to The B52’s – Roam.

Yes, I changed the colour scheme yesterday. Do not adjust your set. Now I just have to find / take a new header picture – I think it’s about time for a new one. I think I have an idea for a photo actually – you’ll all see it when I’m done.

I also added the links above to my friends’ diaries, and some other sites that I read.

There were seven people in my 1:00 class just now. Seven. You think that the professor would get a clue that his lectures are uninteresting, boring, and a complete and utter waste of his and our time?

Roam if you want to
Roam around the world
Roam if you want to
Without anything but the love we feel…