a well-deserved break.

Wow, it’s been a damn long time since I wrote here! I think I’ll summarize with a list:

  • Went to Toronto last Thursday. Did some shopping, saw Calum for lunch, signed the contract for my summer job, had dinner at home, and then saw The Lion King musical with Sandy. IT was an awesome day. I did feel sad after though… signing that contract meant that I wouldn’t be able to spend the summer with Sandy.
  • Sunday until today Sandy and I stayed at her parents’ house. We relaxed a lot… it was very stress-free. I helped out at her brother’s new computer store and such. It was great.

Okay, a short list. We just got back, and the cable is gone, so I’m stuck on dialup for a little while. Anyways. We’re moving in four days! Holy crap on a stick!


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