mmmm. chair.

Got a new chair at work yesterday. It good. It comfy. It doesn’t suck, like my old one did.

I totally forgot that no one would be home today to sign for my Soul Player, so I had to get it redirected to my office for tomorrow. Hopefully it will arrive here so I’ll get a chance to play with it and take it to Guelph for the weekend.

I read this really great page once on why Flash is evil. What happened to me just now when I went to the Canada Post website? It’s using flash. For no good reason. Goddammit. Is nothing sacred? It seems like Canada Post is on this big marketing/brand recognition kick, which includes such things as selling free Internet CDs with a buttload of CP-branded stuff in it. And now this stupid silly new site. It’s not faster. Grr. And it’s using Active Server Pages. Where’s my clue-by-four.


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