and how would you like those 1300 e-mails delivered, sir?

Witness the phoenix-like rebirts of NewtonTalk:

How come every time I watch George W Bush say something on TV, I hear the unmistakable sound of the palm of my hand striking my own forehead? I wonder…

There were other witty things to write here, I know I had them. Hrm. Oh. I moved desks at work today. Why? I dunno, I don’t ask questions, I just fix the Perl code and build enormous databases. My new desk is on a different floor, but is older, and therefore smaller. I brought my chair down though; they can take that over my dead body (or when my contract expires). I also found another phone and swapped parts so that I ended up with one phone with a working receiver switch and display and one with a messed up display and a broken receiver switch. No user servicible parts my ass.


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