more crap in one place than anywhere else I have ever been

Happy Canada Day everyone! Hopefully the weather yesterday was nicer than there I was. On the coast of Lake Huron, the winds blew sand in my face. Yum! On Georgian Bay, things were nice and calm. Didn’t get to go swimming, but it was still a nice day out.

Visited some kind of buy/sell/whatever shop in Wiarton, and it was the largest single collection of crap in the entire free world. I should have taken photos. There was crap like discarded books from libraries, various and sundry useless and worthless tins, bowls, other things made out of glass, all for sale at exorbitant sums. There was even Cherry Pepsi from 1999 and 5+ year old fake maple syrup and strawberry jam. Mental note: never, ever go there again.


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