more like a shot in the dark with clues left for no one

Well, yesterday was pretty melancholy, but today is feeling much better. Not much improvment in the sleep department last night, though.

Yesterday it seemed like the net did explode, from where I was sitting at least. One of my servers in New York was down for 15 hours because of a network problem at the ISP. And one of my favourite sites is still down, and has been for a few days at least. I still did manage to get a UNNA update out last night, although there’s a few things that I missed.

I was disappointed to hear that so many top seeds aren’t coming to Toronto for the women’s tennis tournament. I have tickets for the final this Sunday.

The swimmer is so far from the distant shore
The only time she never feels alone
On the land her body distorts
In the water lines are true to her mind
I can hardly see you now
Are you getting closer and
Do you know you’re the one?
They will never understand
How washed up you feel on the land
The spot light of the sun, it shines on

The Swimmer knows she’ll never touch the floor
She can float unharmed by murky wars
And the land is as plain as her skin
But the water shines like the star in her mind

Hope that helps. I’m thinking of you.


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