duh, forgetful me.

I totally forgot to mention that I went to the women’s tennis finals in Toronto yesterday! The singles final was really, really, really awesome. Pay no attention to the media coverage saying that it wasn’t a close match; it was close. There were five deuces in the first set alone. And the tiebreaker in the second set was very, very, very tense. My heart was pounding. Besides the lengthly rain delay, during which we went home, bought groceries, made dinner, and then rushed back, it was great.

However, what spoiled it for me was the handling of the doubles final. Right at the end of the awards presentation for the singles match, the announcer said “We’ll see you on Court 1 for the doubles final…” Well, at least half of the crowd wasn’t aware of this switch, especially because Centre Court (where the singles played) has reserved seating, and Court 1 doesn’t. So suddenly everyone had to go over to the other court. This would have been alright, except that the path was blocked by security people creating a path for the singles players to get back to the locker room. So we had to wait. When we finally got over to Court 1, the doubles final was already in progress – so everyone had to wait for a break before being let in. When that finally happened, we got in – to find that the match was already halfway through the second set. This bloody sucked, because I was really looking forward to the doubles final – I watched the doubles semi-finals the night before. So, we were pissed. Damn you, Tennis Canada. You’ll be getting a nasty letter from me.


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