he’s going the distance

Must… find… time… to… write

I might be getting a bit of a cold. My throat was sore yesterday, and I’m a little bit congested today, but nothing too bad. Hopefully I’ll shake it off, as I hate being sick.

Tomorrow I should get my paycheque from Resnet and on Friday get paid from the theatre. Yay! Must remember to curb my spending.

I decided to do all of my e-mail on my Newton. Every now and then I flip-flop back and forth between my Newton and a desktop for e-mail. The Newton is great because I can compose and write replies anywhere at all. But the only downside is finding a place where I can plug into the net and send/receive those messages. The other day I found an unadorned Ethernet jack in a lounge in the University Centre… I think I’ll be trying to use that sometime soon.

I also went back to using my RangeLAN2 wireless card around the apartment. It’s fun to do e-mail from the couch, totally wirelessly. Hopefully some good WaveLAN drivers for the Newton will come out soon so I won’t be the only one doing this 🙂


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