reigning those customers in

So the other day I called Fido, my cell phone service provider, to cancel my service since I really haven’t been using it enough in the past few months to justify the cash. As usual, when you want to cancel any service with anyone, they’ll want to know why you want to do so. So I’m giving the phone drone on the other end of the line some line about how I’m in school now, and not using it as much as during the summer, when I was working. Suddenly he says “well, it’s statistically proven that people use their cell phones less over the winter, and we really want to keep you as a customer, so we’re willing to give you three months of free service.” After I picked up my jaw, I said “well, I guess I can’t turn down that offer” and that was that. Insane. I wonder what combination of database triggers and items allowed him to offer me that…


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