that’s how they do it in warsaw

Title of a random song playing on this computer right now. Not my CD.

Got a cool new multi-use writing tool yesterday from my dad: the Sanford PhD Multi. Stylus, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil in one. Nice.
Thanks dad.

Went out and bought an electric hair trimmer yesterday, and let Sandy cut my hair short. It looks and feels so much better now. She did an excellent job too. Sadly, we also found out yesterday that a friend of ours has been hospitalized. We’re going to see her today. I had to clear my schedule so I could go with Sandy though.

And I thought my exams were bad: my sister has to take sixteen hours of exams to finish her jewelery and gemstone course. Ouch. Good luck.

What else… lots of stuff to talk about right now. On Saturday Sandy helped me come to the realization (for only the third time in my life, I think) that my computer takes up too much of my time. So I didn’t use it at all on Sunday until I got my schoolwork done. And that’s how my large chunks of time are going to go from now on.

More “magnetic” poetry from my elementary symbolic logic class this morning:

I should start 
making my own plugins for this program...


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