I could spend every night boppin’ downtown downtown

Friday Jordan and Sari came to Guelph (the sound it makes when you sit in Jello) to see Erin Smith Band at the Trash. It was also my friend Nic’s birthday. So Jordan and Sari arrived at 7:30, and Sandy and I had dinner with them and awaited my friend’s birthday party. What happened next confirmed everything I already knew about Guelph bus drivers. The bus with Nic and all his friends on it got into an accident. No one was hurt, but it was just funny.

Then there was a lot of drinking, Jordan and Sari went to the Trash, and I showed up there around 11. I only saw the last few songs by Erin Smith, but they were good. Real good. It’s like a funk song grafted onto a folk singer. Sandy and I bought all of their CDs.

Eventually we all ended up ad our place, and a good time was had by all.


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