cryin’ n’ drivin’

That’s the name of the country band Dave and I are going to start, we just decided.

Today is going to be a damn long day. After 5.5 hours of sleep. we got up at 6am to go out and paint the cannon. For those of you who don’t go to Guelph, this needs an explanation, so here it is: “The Cannon” is an old cannon which dates back to apparently the War of 1812. It was left behind and has always been around campus since then. It’s been moved to various places (a few times to the top of the engineering building…) and fired a few times, but now it’s filled with cement and sits in Branion Plaza, the main crossroads of pedestrian traffic on campus. For as long as anyone can remember, it’s been painted with messages for all to see, sort of like a sounding board. Sometimes residences do it for fun, sometimes groups do it to promote events. In any case, it’s sometimes painted multiple times a night, and sometimes guarded by painters who don’t want their hard work to go to waste. The only rule is that the cannon must be painted at night.

I’ll have a photo of our handiwork up here later (didn’t bring the damn CompactFlash adapter to school).


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